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We’ve made quite a name for ourselves in the engineering field. Take a look at this page to read articles that feature our company, as well as additional resources that are related to the work we do. If you’d like to learn more about our industry and the kind of activities we carry out during each project, check out the publications below.


July 2017

Solid Energy Technologies launches the "Learn 30".  The Learn 30 is a "deconstructed" turbine engine and allows students engineers and scientists a cheap reliable gas turbine for teaching and learning purposes.  A gas turbine where all components are open and easily seen, dis-assembled, re-assembled and explained

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VTR 354-11 (5).jpg

October 2017

The team is very excited to learn that the new turbine for the 1 MW DSFR unit is on route from India

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Airplane Wing

January 30, 3030

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